Friday, July 20, 2012

Solar Return Energy Smoothie

I made myself the most delicious green smoothie this morning for my solar return (i.e. birthday) breakfast! It's packed with fresh ingredients and superfoods, including organic banana, grapefruit, wild dandelion greens (aka "weeds"), maca, spirulina, chia, ginger-burdock tea and more. YUM!

One of the things I love best about drinking green smoothies is the instant energy boost they give me - brain and body both. One sip and my eyes just widen right up. Seriously! Talk about a wake up call.

Even the cats are interested. Here's Clyde, ever the smooth operator (pardon the pun), moving in to investigate the situation.

I confess, a cupboard full of superfoods and a Vita-Mix bring out the nutritional alchemist in me, hence, as you'll see from the recipe below, I ended up adding about a dozen synergistic health and energy-boosting ingredients to this drink... but please don't let that deter you! Following this recipe to the letter is hardly required. Just use it as a launching pad, as my friend Melissa likes to say, for making your own amazing, health-empowering green smoothie creations!

See my quick-reference glossary of superfoods and nutritional ingredients below the recipe to learn about their benefits, and become your own kitchen alchemist. ❤ Diana Banana & Co.

Solar Return Energy Smoothie

1/2 grapefruit
1 small banana
large handful wild dandelion greens
1 tsp spirulina
1 tsp chia seeds
1 Tbs maca powder
1 Tbs mesquite powder
1 Tbs hemp protein powder
1 Tbs MCT oil
1 tsp magnesium citrate powder
1 tsp Glutagenics powder (glutamine, licorice, aloe)
1 or 2 cups cups ginger-burdock-peppermint-lemon balm tea (cooled)

Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend on high for one to two minutes, until fully combined.

Alchemical Superfoods Glossary

dandelion greens - high in minerals, promote liver detoxification

spirulina - bluegreen microalgae high in protein (60%), detoxifying chlorophyll, minerals, antioxidant carotenes

chia seeds - superior source of anti-inflamatory omega-3 fatty acids, plus calcium, antioxidants and fiber

maca - high altitude Andean root high in minerals; adaptogenically balances stress and reproductive hormones. aka "Peruvian viagra," lol, but good for menopausal symptoms as well. energizing, anti-aging.

mesquite - mineral-rich tree pod, similar to carob; used as a natural sweetener

hemp protein powder - provides 7 grams quality plant protein per Tbs, plus fiber

MCT oil - liquid oil derived from coconut; provides medium-chain fatty acids for quick energy, exercise and healthy weight support

magnesium citrate powder - lemon-flavored supplement sweetened with stevia, promotes muscle relaxation, heart health, bone health, bowel regularity

Glutagenics - branded supplement for enhanced intestinal comfort and function

ginger - anti-inflammatory, warming, energizing

burdock root - nourishing alterative, gently supports detoxification

peppermint - digestive aid, cooling

lemon balm - calming, relaxing, stimulates thyroid function


Marlena Torres said...

Happy Solar Return, Diana! As an astrology student I loved this post - haha! The smoothie looks amazing, as does the Brazil Nut cheese! XO

diana allen, ms, cns said...

Thank you, Marlena! I'll keep an eye out for your solar return, too. In the meanwhile, happy full moon energy to you... ♥ ~d~