Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peppermint Kiss Sweet Green Juice

Peppermint is one of my all time favorite flavors, and right now, my little herb garden is producing a bumper crop. One of the most delicious medicinal herbs, peppermint is a wonderful digestive soother and breath freshener, a superb respiratory decongestant and a mild stress reliever. Even the scent of peppermint alone is reported to boost mental performance and memory.

Iced peppermint tea with honey and lemon is a staple in my fridge during the hot months of summer. This morning, I was inspired to add a few fresh stalks of the cooling herb to my daily green juice, and am pleased to report outstanding results! The refreshing essence of peppermint pairs perfectly with the bright tastes of cucumber, apple and lime in this simple, sweet green juice.

Peppermint Kiss Sweet Green Juice

3 medium cucumbers
1 smallish head romaine lettuce
1 lime
3 stalks fresh peppermint
1 granny smith apple

Run all ingredients through your juicer, drink and enjoy as soon as possible, or within 24 hours. Makes about 20 ounces fresh green juice.


Unknown said...

Makes me want to pucker up for a kiss of this juice!! >:))

diana allen, ms, cns said...

awww <*blush*> you must try!

Catherine Fabrizi said...

sounds good! am going to try it tomorrow! love peppermint!

diana allen, ms, cns said...

wonderful news, catherine! enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow's breakfast!

diana allen, ms, cns said...

Sweet! Especially now that it's rained (finally), and the peppermint will be extra juicy...