Monday, June 15, 2009

New World Cleanse

My mother died in the hospital on Wednesday, June 3. Losing her is the saddest thing I’ve known. We were once the same person. And for all our differences there were so many things we had in common, so many ways in which we were perfectly aligned. Always, we loved each other. She was my mother and now she is gone.

What do I do?

Sitting here at my desk again, I contemplate getting back to work. Back to life. And back to health.

My food intake was less than ideal during the past two weeks – the past month really. All those days when Mom was in the ICU, the trips back home and to the City, the aftershock – they took a toll on my body. All routines were banished – yoga, exercise, daily green juice, fresh homemade meals. I did really well considering the situation (the fruit stand was a blessing) but also, I ate things I normally never eat. For instance, I actually ate bread and butter at restaurants. (Three times!) Granted, it was nice, warm crusty bread, but I don’t even LIKE bread, really, not to mention my probable gluten intolerance. But it’s okay. I granted myself permission to do whatever I needed or wanted to do in all those moments, even things I normally believe are not in my “highest” interest. It’s all a balancing act: body, mind and spirit. We can’t always know what’s best. And sometimes, it doesn’t even matter.

My body held on. It shut down somewhat, took on some weight. Now I am back home, and am ready to regroup. So I am starting a cleanse today. I came up with a little program, and I’m going to work it for two weeks; maybe four. Honestly, it looks a lot like my normal diet-lifestyle, but with a bit more scheduling and intention. I think that restarting the routines that anchor me each day will help to keep me sound on all levels as I navigate this new and unfamiliar landscape of existence: the world, minus my mom.

If you'd like a copy of my New World Cleanse, please send an email. I'd love to hear from you and am happy to share.

From my heart, Diana

My beloved mother, Dorothy Allen, City Clerk of New Rochelle
(March 24, 1931 - June 3, 2009) On the beach, Cape Cod, 2005


Peter said...

Hi Diana, I am so sorry to learn about your loss - moms are the thread. I hope that her lessons will live on through you.

Take good care of yourself, especially your expectations. Your body is strong enough to withstand some bread and butter while you find a way through it all. Gentleness...


Peter said...

Hi again Diana - I can't find your e-mail to check out the the New World Cleanse. Thank you!

Diana Allen, MS, CNS said...

Hi Peter - Thank you for your words of kindness.

My email is (Other readers, please take note.) I'll be happy to send you a copy of the New World Cleanse when I have your address. Basics include a green smoothie w/chia seeds for breakfast, big raw salad with avocado and optional toppings at lunch and a fresh veggie juice cocktail before dinner.

I'm having my smoothie now - it's delicious!


Anonymous said...

Hey Diana Taking a break from your life existence to try to heal and make someone elses existence worthwhile was a great gift to give your mom. I'm sure you'll be able to pick up where you left off and be a lot stronger spiritually as a result. You are a beautiful lady

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Pam. Your support and love means so much. Love & light, Diana

sarah said...

Oh Diana, we all are so extraordinarily grateful to your mom for bringing you, your energy and wisdom into all our lives! Your entry really, really captured it- the balancing act we go through in body, mind and soul. I really look forward to a walk! Let me know what works for you and I would very much like a copy of the New World Cleanse. Sending and surrounding you with infinite love!

Diana Allen, MS, CNS said...

Blessing to you, Sarah, and to everyone who has emailed their loving thoughts and requested copies of the New World Cleanse - keep me posted as to your progress!

In light, all ways,