Monday, June 23, 2014

Sweet Potato Bowl

If you have an oven, you can bake a sweet potato. If you can bake a sweet potato, you can make a sweet potato bowl. It's that easy. 

What else (besides sweet potato) is in the bowl pictured up above? Um...dare I say: leftovers?! (In case you did not know, I have long been known in certain circles as The Leftover Queen.)

It's a fact that over the years, leftovers have provided me with some of the tastiest meals ever. My secret is to always add in something fresh—more often than not, a green something. Take today for example. I had leftover Cabbage Soup and leftover Spiced Black Beans in the fridge. So I heated them up in a pot and stirred in several gigantic handfuls of baby mizuna, a tender green not unlike spinach, which shrank and wilted in seconds. To this, I generously sprinkled some nutritional yeast. Stirred it all together and poured the blend into my bowl, alongside a freshly baked Japanese sweet potato (yellow flesh, super sweet).

I won't bother giving you the soup or beans recipes here, considering they were leftovers, and all. I'm just giving you a simple idea that is sure to serve you forever in good stead:

Got leftovers? Have a bowl!


Exploding Mary said...

I'm a leftover fanatic too-- if I can, I'll make up to the third iteration of the original dish. I'll be thinking of this later this month (October) when I have sweet potatoes around.

diana allen, ms, cns said...

LOL - Leftover fanatics unite! They are the best, and really allow you to have some uniquely delicious meals.