Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time & The Cloud

"...there is no fence or hedge round Time that has gone."
~Richard Llewellyn

Considering the concept of dietary evolution has naturally led me, over the years, to consider the concept of time. Evolution is generally perceived as taking place on a direct continuum, but is time exclusively a linear phenomenon, passing strictly in order by seconds, minutes, years, aeons? True, on this material plane, we may experience time as moving constantly forward in discrete increments. This perception of time clearly has its apparent truth, and its usefulness. But is time merely a linear process? I think not.

Often, in working with our personal evolution, it makes sense for me and my clients to consider time as a spiral, an endless curl upon which we find ourselves expanding outwards, and returning inwards again and again—much as the universe expands and contracts repeatedly, like a giant cosmic being breathing creation.

In her 14-minute video, Time Is Change In the Cloud, Sacred Sarrah presents a third paradigm, time as a cloud: vast, comprehensive, simultaneously eternal and immediate. In this perception, past, present and future coexist, and we are part of a divine hologram, a totality within which we each play an active role in continuously creating reality with every feeling, thought and deed.

I don't know how to embed a video on the new blogger, so I will create a link to the video which you can access by clicking here. I invite you to watch it, to contemplate and see what you think.

In the cloud of time, all that ever was, all that ever will be, and this present moment - now, now, now, eternally becoming - all is One. We are One.

Keep your body clear, your mind free, remain open, be in the moment, seek truth.

With love, Diana

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