Monday, June 28, 2010

Simply Green Juice

This is my new favorite juice. Four green ingredients, fast to prep, incredibly refreshing, totally yummy & very little waste. (Celery and lettuce are mostly juice, apples are practically all juice and ditto for limes. So: just a small handful of pulp for the compost bin.) Simply Green has become my breakfast of choice this summer. And just look at that color! The color of life itself, growing right out of the garden...

Simply Green Juice

1 head organic romaine lettuce (the kind that comes in a 3-pack)
1/2 bunch organic celery (about 6 stalks)
1 small organic lime, peeled
1 granny smith apple (also organic, of course!)

That's it. Alternate feeding apple and lime through the juicer with feeding celery and romaine to facilitate the process. The fibers in the greens push through the juicy pulp of the apple and lime.

This recipe makes 16 to 24 ounces of juice. Cheers!


glutenfreeforgood said...


I have a question. I understand the difference between juicing and smoothie-ing, but I'm curious why you so often choose juice. I like the option of juice for people with digestive issues, going through chemo or things like that where concentrated nutrients are needed, but why would you (healthy and thriving Diana) prefer to juice and skip the fiber?

Thanks and love the looks of this juice. It's beautiful. As are you and the flowers behind you!


Diana Allen, MS, CNS said...

Hi Melissa. I like smoothies, too, but juice is lighter, more cleansing, and more direct. It puts no strain on the digestive organs and gets right into the system with all its aliveness and power.

When I drink juice, I experience a jolt of electromagnetic vitality of significantly higher magnitude than I feel with a smoothie. Smoothies often can hang out in the tummy for a few hours, depending on how many superfoods you add in, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Juice is just instantly absorbed. It gives you a blast of super nutrition and living hydration with no delay.

I'll go for smoothies more in the winter, since they are more "hearty", or when I want something more filling, or chocolatey (!) or when I feel lazy, since blending is so fast and easy. I'll juice more in warmer weather, and for cleansing, or when my digestion is off. (Did you know I have IBS-C?)

I don't like "wasting" the pulp, though, so I mostly juice the juiciest veggies (celery, cuke) with lemon, greens and apples. When I do juice carrots or beets, I like to save the pulp and add it to my dog's food, or incorporate it into soups (raw or cooked) or raw flax crackers. (I have a batch of Onion-Oregano-Carrot-Beet Flax Crackers in the dehydrator right now, as a matter of fact!)

So, that's the scoop. Happy juicing!

xo Diana

glutenfreeforgood said...


Thank you, sweet girl. I REALLY appreciate your thorough answer. I'm working with 2 wonderful people who are going through chemo, plus 1 friend who was just diagnosed with bone cancer. I'm totally thinking that juicing is the way to go, but they also need the fiber, so I was curious about what you thought. I think for chemo patients, juice is probably the way to go.

And no, I had no idea you suffered from IBS. Or anything health-related for that matter. You absolutely exude nothing but glorious health! I'm sorry to hear that. My daughter has eosiniphilic esophagitis, microscopic colitis, celiac, etc. IBS. She has so many digestive issues. Ugh, poor girl.

Thank you, thank you. xo