Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Community Superfoods Open Thursday This Week!

For all my dear local readers, please note there is a change to Community Superfoods' store hours for this week only. Store night this week will be on Thursday, February 25, from 5-7 PM, not Wednesday. I will not be at the store this Wednesday! I will be there Thursday! And next week, we'll be back to Wednesday nights as usual.

Now for the good news...

This week on store night (Thursday, as you may recall!), for the very first time ever, I will be taking pre-orders for an incredible new product that has just launched: organic, raw Stone Ground Coconut Butter from Sacred Foods. Many of you are familiar with Sacred Foods as the makers of the amazing Sacred Chocolate bars (now back in stock in many flavors at Community Superfoods - yay!)...

Well, Sacred Foods has done it again! Their new Stone Ground Coconut Butter is simply divine! Made from hunks of dried, mature coconut and stone ground over many days at low temperatures to produce a silky smooth, totally raw product, Stone Ground Coconut Butter is packed with flavor and nutrition.

In case you were wondering, coconut butter is very different than coconut oil. Coconut oil, which I also sell at the store, is pure fat, extracted from the coconut fruit. It's a wonderful fat, suitable for many uses, but it is not a whole food.

Stone Ground Coconut Butter is a whole food, made from whole dried coconut. It hence contains healthy coconut oil fats PLUS healthy coconut proteins, carbohydrates and fiber, along with an array of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Its nutritional profile compares to whole, dried (dessicated), unsweetened coconut as follows:

MACRONUTRIENTS in Stone Ground Coconut Butter are distributed as approximately 65% fats, 24% carbohydrates,16% fiber and 7% amino acid proteins. Most of the fats occur as healthy, cholesterol-free medium chain fatty acids - lauric, capric and caprylic acid - suggested to offer antibacterial and antiviral benefits. Coconut Butter's delightful, delicately sweet taste is provided by less than 8% total naturally-occurring sugars.

MICRONUTRIENTS in Stone Ground Coconut Butter are distributed primarily as minerals (notably calcium, potassium, iron and selenium). Traces of vitamins C, E and B-complex, notably folate and pantothenic acid, are also present.

Best of all, Stone Ground Coconut Butter tastes amazing!
It adds depth to smoothies, curries and soups, is the ultimate spread on warm toast or crackers, and of course, is great plain, right off the spoon! Or use Stone Ground Coconut Butter as a confectionery ingredient (to make candy, chocolate or icing), in dessert recipes (cookies, bars) and in grain or cereal dishes. For example, mash a spoonful of Stone Ground Coconut Butter together with cinnamon and raw honey or your favorite non-glycemic sweetener (stevia, mesquite or lucuma powder) to make a paste. Then add some raw sprouted buckwheat groats or warm steamed millet or quinoa and stir till all the grain is coated. Yummy!

If you are interested in trying Sacred Foods Stone Ground Coconut Butter, stop by Community Superfoods this Thursday, February 25, where my personal jar will be on hand for sampling! I will be taking pre-orders at that time - no product is currently stocked. CSF cost per 16-ounce jar is $10.99.

I am also taking preorders for the NEW! 50-pack of Raw Nori Sheets from Ultimate Superfoods. Raw, untoasted nori is very hard to find. I do have a few packages in stock, with a one-pack limit for store night customers. There is no limit on pre-orders, however, so do take advantage of the opportunity to stock up! CSF cost per 50-pack of Raw Nori Sheets is just $15.95. Great for making raw sushi, wrapping a hummus and sprouts sandwich (skip the bread!), creating a sliced avocado salad roll, tearing into miso soup, boosting flavor & nutrition of any chili, soup or stew or simply as a tasty snack food!

Yours in radiance, diana ♥


Catherine Fabrizi said...

omg, diana, that sounds so good. please order a jar for me. thank you.
mmm mmm mmmmm!!!

Diana Allen, MS, CNS said...

Will do, Cathy! So yummy, it's ridiculous!

sarah said...

I can't believe how fabulous is! SOO tasty!

Catherine Fabrizi said...

add me to the incredulous--this is one of the BEST EVER foods i have ever tasted!!! thanks for bringing the sample long distance. mmm mmm mmm!