Friday, January 29, 2010

You are Divine

By any chance, have you been having a hard time, lately? Whether it's astrological forces, karma, earth changes or just plain old winter blues, many people around the planet seem to be struggling right now.

Every challenge, every test, every problem that we face is an opportunity for growth. No matter how harsh the circumstance nor bleak the outlook, there is always positive potential and the certainty of change. The gift of hope and the promise of faith that the highest good will manifest in your life are ever yours to accept and embrace.

The Light is shining for all of us. Working with the breath and remembering our Divine Essence helps us to ground and center, heal and transform. With love and prayers, I offer these words of affirmation. Blessed be, Diana <3


glutenfreeforgood said...

Wow, Diana, this is perfect timing! I've been so busy and feeling a touch "off center" lately. Last night I dropped everything and went to a 3 and 1/2 hour meditation, breath work and healing gong bath. It was amazing and yes, incredibly healing. Very much in concert with what you're saying in this post. Using the breath as a tool, meditating and the power of sound healing. I even brought my favorite pillow and fleece blanket for the gong bath. OMG, it was intense. I loved it and am still reaping the benefits.

Thank you for this post. We are one.

Diana said...

Melissa, you are welcome. We are one, indeed! The healing gong bath sounds amazing - to bathe in the pulsating reverberations of sound, to make of your body a cosmic tuning fork...So glad you had this experience. I want to try! In joy, Diana

sarah said...

Beautiful, very nourishing!

Tess said...

Thank you for this posting. I have been having a very difficult time, since the second week in January. I've had just a general feeling of apathy and depressing with no specific trigger. I live in southern California, so it's difficult to blame the weather, but there is something in the air to cause me sadness and I'm working on taking responsibility for my depressing and rising above it instead of giving into it.

I appreciate knowing that I am not alone :)

blog by: said...

Thank you, Sara, may you be well nourished...always... xo diana

Diana said...

Tess, you are welcome. And you are right: there is something in the air. Everyone is feeling it - cosmic forces, major shifts. Hold on to your truth and your breath as you journey through this transformation. Blessings, Diana

Amy Bass said...

Thank you for the words of inspiration. I know someone who is going through some hard times and I will send her to see this.


Diana Allen, MS, CNS said...

Lovely...much warmth to you and your friend.

diana ♡

d said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!