Monday, January 18, 2010

3-Day Mini Cleanse

Here in Western Massachusetts, January is the coldest month of winter. Yes, we had one blissful, delicious forty degree day last week. Felt like Heaven. Otherwise, temperatures have not risen much above freezing since Christmas. All just to say there's been lots of bundling up and staying in going on. (Aside: gotta love those prepositions - am I right, people?!)

Anyway, as chilly weather drives us inside, this seems to me like the perfect time to "just say no" to the temptation of dense, heavy foods and lighten up my diet for a few days. So, today I began a 3-day mini-cleanse.

What is a mini-cleanse? Well, it's just a relaxed, short-term program that gives the digestive organs a break for most of the day. My plan looks something like this:

Upon Arising: 10 oz water with lemon and MSM (boosts detox by donating precious sulfur ions)
Breakfast: fresh pressed vegetable juice with apple or other fruit to sweeten
Snack: Herb tea (gotta have that warmth!) and water
Lunch: Green Smoothie of choice or another juice
Snack: herb tea or lemon-water with MSM
Dinner: Raw Salad with choice of: seed cheese, raw goat cheese or baked sweet potato
After Dinner: herb tea

Today, my mini-cleanse meals featured a superb carrot-beet-dandelion greens juice and an outrageously tasty red grapefruit-blueberry smoothie (thank you, Cathy!), both left over from the weekend. (That was easy!)

Dinner will be a fresh sprout salad (homegrown lentil and alfalfa-clover sprouts plus locally grown sunflower greens) with red onion, raw feta cheese and organic black olives. Dressed with Jordan's famous lime-pink pepper dressing. I feel so nourished by my dear friends and family. Thank you all!

What's great about a mini-cleanse:
It's easy.
It gives your digestive organs a break.
It boosts detox.
It doesn't last too long! (Did I mention it's easy?)
It's delicious and satisfying.
At the end, you'll feel way better than when you started!

Sounds good to me. Will keep you posted on days 2 and 3!

In light and lightness,

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darien said...

"Let the sunshine in"..remember that? Well, take control and "...pour the sunshine in via fresh organic veggie juices every day!" Remember that!?
love always, darien