Saturday, July 25, 2009

New World Cleanse Revisited

Dearest Readers,

Your response to my New World Cleanse post has been phenomenal. So many people have emailed me with loving, kind sympathy for my mother, and to express an interest in trying the cleanse.

Thank you so much for all your outpourings of caring. You truly have touched my heart. And as for the cleanse, I'd love to hear how you liked it! Did you do it for one or two weeks? Was it easy or hard? Did you enjoy the drink? Did you feel better at the end than at the beginning?

Please leave your comments here so others may read and benefit. It's wonderful to support each other into better health together. It may sound corny, but change is the only constant. I just had my 49th birthday–the first without a mother. It's such a great absence, this hole in my life. And I am not alone; it is a loss that most of us must face. So I move forward, through and ahead, sometimes stuck, sometimes free. My birthday intention is to keep growing in understanding, to honor my mother's memory and to spend this year in preparation to meet 50 next summer in joyful and abundant health. Whatever your age, do join me!

Light blessings,

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Darien said...

Your mother was a beautiful, strong, bright, and courageous person! A pleasure to have known her, her wit and sense of place in life still moves me today. As you move forward Diana, it is with honor that we are friends!
I will join you this coming July in Abundant health through a High Raw Diet, Super-foods, exercise, meditation, and love.