Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Love My Lunch

My mother finds it very strange that I take pictures of my food. But I can't help it!

For me, creating beautiful dishes and loving how my food looks is one of the great pleasures of following a high-raw diet. So naturally, I want a record of each culinary masterpiece. Of course, photos (especially those taken with my old point & shoot) can only begin to capture a suggestion of the life force emanating from my living cuisine. Hopefully, you get the idea.

Today's delightful lunch features open-faced sandwiches made with Carrot-Coconut Flaxseed Crackers (see previous post for recipe). Each crisp, buttery cracker is spread with a mixture of raw tahini and sweet white miso (about half and half), then topped with sliced organic roma tomatoes, homegrown French lentil sprouts and a drizzle of my own raw apple cider vinegar-olive oil vinaigrette. The plate is garnished with a giant purple asparagus stalk, courtesy of Brook Bend Farm, where I have the good fortune of working this summer in exchange for farm-fresh organic produce.

Wish you could join me...bon appetit!


sarah said...


Verena Johanna Smith said...

I'd join you any time
that looks so delicious!!!

glutenfreeforgood said...


I didn't fall off the planet! I just got side-tracked. I'll get in touch with you one of these days, but in the meantime, I'm saving this coconut/flax cracker recipe of yours. I love dehydrating my own snack goodies like this and your recipe sounds so good (not to mention LOOKS good). Wow, you really got your mix spread out nicely on the dehydrator sheets. I'm impressed. Mine are usually a bit more "abstract" looking.

Your finished lunch looks beautiful.


Hope all is well with you!


Jody Stanislaw said...

Hi Diana!
Am loving being home in Seattle. Havent implemented anything yet but still settling in. Please reply to me at so I can add you to my list to contact once I publish my book.
All the best to you!