Monday, December 22, 2008

Solstice Cleanse

I awoke early this morning - from a short sleep on the longest night of the year - and saw dawn rise pink upon the new season. Yesterday was winter solstice, the first day of Winter and a time of turning around for planet earth. For me, the shortest day of the year is a time for contracting, looking inward, conserving energy and waiting... waiting to open again.

In honor of solstice day, I fasted on liquids including: plain water, chlorella, detox tea (dandelion, licorice, burdock), young coconut juice and for the evening meal, a purple smoothie made with frozen blueberries (picked on my birthday last July), the young coconut meat, lemon, cayenne and mesquite powder. (The smoothie was my comfort food, sipped in solidarity with my sons who enjoyed their own: baked sweet potatoes and whole grain macaroni and cheese casserole.) My body must have needed a break because I didn't feel hungry all day, nor this morning, though I do feel refreshed and renewed.

The new year is a time to begin again, which is what our body can do after taking a break from solid food, even just for one day. Many people fast for one day every week, an idea which has always appealed to me. Taking a food break helps the body rest and deal with some of the old internal waste and excess. Especially if you have been overindulging, it can be very helpful to just STOP and let your body calm down for a day - at least by taking only light liquids until dinner - to allow for a reset. If you can make it one whole day, even better. The next morning, you will wake up empty, calm, energized and inspired to be more in control of your choices around food.

My solstice cleanse has not been limited to my body - I've also been cleansing my kitchen of old and unecessary items that seemed to have practically grown into shelves and cupboards. Maybe those jars and bottles were just trying to blend in, as if on a strategic camouflage mission, knowing their days were numbered... but I finally noticed and boy - what fun it is to get rid of stuff you don't need! I went through the freezer first, unearthing numerous rigid containers of forgotten soup stock and mystery mash, the oldest dating back to 2006 - yikes! Chuck! Then I tackled the "supplement shelf" and tossed at least a dozen bottles of expired magic pills. Good bye! It always feels good to clean out, scrub down the shelves and start fresh for the new year. Inside and out. More housecleaning and a one-week juice fast is planned for after Christmas. Will keep you posted on that.

Winter didn't just come in name this year: it's been snowing for three days straight, so I'm out to do some shoveling. As much as I prefer sun and warmth, I must admit the brilliant whiteness of snow and the bite of cold air is purifying for my brain and body, especially lungs. Breathing deeply is something I am trying to be more conscious about - taking the time to breathe and be quiet and feel love. Lately I am inspired by Nick Good and the ideas he puts forth in his Success Ultra Now programs. We are what we think! Taking the time to breathe, just three deep conscious breaths, allows me to pause, relax and alter my state of mind for the better. I'll take that clarity out into the pure wonderland of snow.


darien... said...

And It Is...

A winter diamond-
which holds the light-
for summer-
seed's delight!

Three breaths-
for things-
as they are-
one bright thought-
for things-
without bars.

One coin-
two sides-
with fire-
and ice-
making life-
a delight!

Catherine said...

wow, bravo darien - this is a beautiful poem!

Diana Allen, MS, CNS said...

i agree! thank you, love...