Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summertime Blues

Summer has been flying by at a lazy, rain-drenched pace, and here it is late August already. The weather experts inform us this has been the wettest summer "on record" for Western Mass; now that's impressive! Lots of rain makes the sunny days all the more magical, and keeps the blueberries ripening on the bushes, somewhat past their expected expiration date I believe. Great news for all of us blueberry lovers!

This year on my birthday, which happened by chance to coincide with perfectly clear and sunny skies, I went blueberry picking for the first time in my life. What a thrill! Sure, I'd picked lots of those tiny, delicious wild blueberries in my day, the kind that grow low along trailside paths and such, but these were cultivated highbush berries, an entirely different animal. The bushes themselves average six feet in height, so they are tall and proud to be absolutely laden with deep blue fruits that hang down in small bunches, like grapes. My partner and I were each given a lightweight plastic pail on a long white nylon cord to hang around our necks, and with a bounce in our step, set forth upon the corridor of dreams.

Jaws open and uplifted like little birds to receive their mother's manna, we filled our mouths, bellies and, of course, our pails with fingerfulls and handfulls of the biggest, sweetest blueberries I've ever tasted. All warm from the sun, bursting with juice, smooth-skinned on the lips, tender to the bite and just barely tart on the pop... it was blueberry heaven! So many berries! In only one hour we picked NINE POUNDS!!! (And that's not counting all we could eat!) Now my freezer is full and my heart is glad, knowing there are many blueberry-kissed smoothies in store for future days, brightening the chill promise of winter.


Leah said...

Hi Diana,
What enthusiasm about chunks of energy! Thanks for that. It's good to know the blog is attracting some readers :)
We share birthdays (i think yours is the 21st of august), and also a love of blueberries. I was home in Buckland last week and spent a morning in the blueberry patch behind my house gathering, well, not nine pounds, but close! I brought them over the border and made a pie straight away. I also made muffins with a great recipe from Kripalu Cookbook, subbing homemade sunflower seead milk for dairy milk--quite rich, I recommend it!
Take care, and maybe i'll see you in the valley sometime.

Diana Allen, MS, CNS said...

Thanks for stopping by, Leah, and it's true, I am crazy about Chunks of Energy! Our birthdays are close: mine is July 20th (which was the date of the first moon walk, too). I'd love to see your recipe for sunflower milk - sounds yummy!

Diana :-)

Catherine said...

Hi Diana,
I took my mom blueberry picking last Sunday. It was a celestial day. We picked about 7 pounds (you win!). About 5 lbs. are nestled in the freezer for those yummy morning drinks you turned me on to, made in a flash; gives "fast food" a whole new twist. Thanks for your lovely, blessed blog.
Love you,