Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The New Raw Food Diet

Tomorrow night at my local food coop, I'll be giving a free nutrition talk on The New Raw Food Diet.

Upon reading the above title, you may wonder: what possibly could be "new" about raw foods? If so, then you'd have a good point! Considering that ALL diets were exclusively RAW for EVERY species on the planet throughout most of prehistory - and still are today for every creature on earth but humans (and our domesticated animal friends) - I admit it's somewhat of a misnomer to use the descriptor "new" when talking about uncooked foods. At the same time, the concept of, science around and options for raw food lifestyles and cuisine have expanded gastronomically in recent decades, far beyond the wildest dreams of the early Natural Hygienists, I'm sure.

Thanks to a number of truly gifted and inspired chefs, there's LOTS new and delicious about eating raw. Today, wheatgrass, sprouts and rejuvelac are no longer the only items on the menu. Consider such incredibly tasty delicacies as beet rawviolis with pine nut ricotta (thank you Renée Loux for this number one pot luck hit!), herb-enrobed sunflower & cashew cheeses, delectable dehydrated date-nut cookies, spicy flax crackers & grain-free breads, tangy superfood smoothies, rich chocolate pudding cakes and everything in-between.

Equally thrilling is that, thanks to the wise guidance of nutrition experts such as Natalia Rose, an emphasis on transitioning gently rather than racing to 100% raw is increasingly understood and embraced. It's OK to have our raw cake and beets baked, too! (In fact, it's recommended.)

So, I can't wait to meet my group tomorrow night. We will review the dynamic history of the raw food movement, discuss the benefits of consuming plenty of natural foods high in life force energy and share menu options and recipe ideas. Hope you can make it!

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You're gonna be great! Have fun!